Personal Injury News in Georgia: Hover Boards?

Hoverboards have been one of the hottest new toys of the past year. However, many consumers have reported multiple injuries while using their hoverboards. Additionally, some hoverboards have even caught on fire, causing injuries to their owners. In Forsyth County, Georgia, urgent care clinics reported that they have seen a growing number of injuries caused by hoverboards. One physician stated that, in one shift, she treated five patients for hoverboard injuries. In most cases, hoverboard enthusiasts were injured as they tried to get off of the two-wheeled device. They would lose their balance and fall, which often caused serious injuries.


Hoverboards Contributing to a Growing Number of Injuries


Over the last year, hoverboards have become a popular accessory for individuals of all ages. Starting around the 2015 Christmas holidays, hoverboard sales began to grow more and more. Unfortunately, so did the number of reported injuries caused by these two-wheeled devices. Our personal injury attorney in Georgia reports that in Forsyth County, Georgia, urgent care centers saw a large number of injuries caused by hoverboards.


In a single shift, one physician commented that she treated five patients for hoverboard injuries. The injuries needed various types of treatment and ranged in severity. Some patients had broken bones, others needed stitches, and some had concussions.


Injuries on hoverboards are most likely when users try to stop riding them. Bringing them to a stop can be tricky, and can cause a user to lose his or her balance and fall. For first time users, the risk of a fall is even higher, since there is a bit of a learning curve to using the hoverboard. Hoverboards can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. At such a rate of speed, the risk of injury is significant, especially if no protective gear is being used.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, users of all ages, including both children and adults, should don safety gear while they ride hoverboards. Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards should all be used to reduce the risk of injury.


However, falls are not the only issue that consumers are reporting with hoverboards.
There have been numerous reports of hoverboard fires as well. Some hoverboards reportedly ignited and exploded, creating a serious risk of injury or even death. Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines have all banned passengers from bringing hoverboards on a flight. In addition, hoverboards have been banned in the entire city of New York due to their hazardous nature. The risk of fire seems to be higher when the hoverboards are charging, since it is believed that battery malfunctions cause the devices to overheat.


Lithium-ion batteries, which are used in hoverboards, contain a flammable electrolyte. If the company that manufactures the hoverhoards uses a low quality battery, the chance of the hoverboard overheating and catching on fire increases. If numerous batteries are needed to charge the hoverboards, the risk of a fire increases even more.


As of the summer of 2016, over half a million hoverboards had been recalled because of the risk of fire. Thousands of customers have sought refunds for their hoverboards, which may cost up to $900 a piece. Amazon also pulled several hoverboard models from its website.


If you were injured by a hoverboard, you need to speak with an attorney


If you or a loved one fell off of a hoverboard, or if you were injured when a hoverboard caught on fire, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Georgia as soon as possible to determine what your legal options may be.



Why You Should Hire a Long Island Immigration Lawyer

The immigration process can be one of the most important events in a person’s life. An immigration application / appeal process can make all the difference in where your children grow up, education and their quality of life, as well as the opportunities they could have. Because immigration law can be so complex, and because major changes happen all the time, finding a good immigration lawyer in Long Island can make all the difference in the world. Do not let bad advice and / or experience from co-workers, friends or relatives lead to your immigration chances being dashed, before you ever get started.

A good immigration lawyer can advise you concerning every detail of Long Island immigration law, the latest changes in the law, as well as your best course of action. They will carefully determine every fact, and every aspect of your individual situation, and give you the best advice, as well as the best chance for emigrating successfully. Your Long Island immigration lawyer will work closely with you, whether it’s by the phone, or in person, and will prepare your case accordingly so that you have the best chances for success. The immigration lawyer will be able to decide exactly what individual immigration benefits you may be eligible for, as well as what immigration agencies you might have to go through.

Even if the immigration process doesn’t seem too complicated, there are plenty of setbacks that may occur, which may disrupt your immigration efforts. Even filling out the immigration application can be confusing, and making one or two mistakes could cost you extra time and money, and possibly could disrupt your whole immigration process. A small mistake could have major effects, as it could limit your immigration options; it could limit your stay in the Long Island, or could result in a complete visa denial. If you end up having to hire an immigration lawyer later on in the process to appeal a decision or prepare a fresh application, it will only cost you more money and aggravation. The smart move is to consult with an immigration lawyer from the very beginning, so that the process will run smoother in the end.

Oftentimes your friends or co-workers, and even some immigration consultants, do not have the necessary training or in-depth knowledge to thoroughly understand and apply complex immigration case- law and statutes, and sometimes are not qualified to help you decide what the best course of action is for your particular situation. The Long Island immigration process is much more detailed and complex than just filling out forms and require real technical knowledge and professional expertise.

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How To Hire A NJ Workers Compensation Lawyer

NJ workers are some of the best in the nation. They work in a variety of manufacturing and building jobs. If you are one such worker and you have been injured while on the job, then you are entitled by law to certain protections and compensation. An NJ Workers Compensation Lawyer can help bring the full force of NJ Workers Comp Laws to bear in your favor. Know your legal rights and fight for them. There is no reason why you should be shorted the monies and benefits you have coming to you under NJ workers comp laws. You can ensure that you are getting what you deserve by utilizing the services of an NJ workers compensation lawyer

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is available in every state. While laws may differ in slight ways, they are all the same when it comes to the basics of workers’ compensation, its purpose, and how to get it. Workers’ compensation is an insurance your employer must carry (this is required by law for employers with over a certain number of employees), and it is designed to pay your medical and sometimes living expenses if you are injured while performing your job.

Through workers’ compensation, you can get lost wages, money to pay your medical bills for the work-related injury, payments to get rehabilitation and re-training for another type of work (if necessary), and even disability payments if you won’t be returning to work for a long time (or ever). This insurance is administered and is funded by employer contributions, which are mandatory according to federal law. In fact, federal employees are also covered under a federally-run and funded workers’ compensation.

Why Getting a Lawyer is Beneficial if You File a Workers’ Compensation Claim.

It isn’t unusual for employers to dispute a workers’ compensation claim from an employee. It is actually in the employer’s best interest to do this, since their workers’ compensation payment rates will go up with each claim that is filed and approved. Your employer may try to argue that your claim is invalid because you weren’t really injured, or because you weren’t injured while performing the duties of your job. In this case, you will need a lawyer to get your claim approved and paid

The NJ’s worker’s compensation board will review and investigate any claims that are disputed by an employer. Your attorney can present facts in your favor to the board during its investigation, and even present a full case on your behalf as if it were a court case.

Your attorney will also advise you on how to act and what to say (and not say) during the investigation. For example, you will be required to go to a physician who works for the NJ workers’ compensation board to get your injury evaluated. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been evaluated by your doctor. The NJ doctor is supposed to be impartial, but this is not true. Anything you say to the NJ doctor can be reported back to the workers’ compensation board. Your attorney will advise you on the proper things to say to the doctor and what to avoid saying during your appointment.

If the board rejects your claim, your attorney can appeal it to you. The appeal is heard by officials in the NJ’s workers’ compensation department and presided over by an administrative law judge. If this appeal is rejected, you and your attorney can take your case to NJ court. The attorney will take care of all of the details for you, making the appeals process much easier on you, and give you a greater chance of success.


You have rights under NJ’s workers’ compensation laws. The best way to make sure they are protected is to hire an NJ workers’ compensation lawyer. A workers’ compensation lawyer is used to dealing with difficult employers who want to deny their employees the compensation they deserve. An attorney will also know how to argue your case to an appeals board and a court in the best way possible. With an attorney on your side, you gain a greater chance of getting your workers’ compensation claim approved.


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