Long Island Family Lawyer

The contemplation of a divorce brings to the forefront critical issues of custody, access to one’s children, division of assets acquired during the marriage, child support and spousal maintenance. The resolution of these issues affect the lives of each spouse for many years following the separation and divorce.

On January 1, 2000, Kieth I. Rieger and Sol Barrocas formed a law partnership dedicated exclusively to the practice of matrimonial and family law. The two (2) founders of the firm share a philosophy that we, and all members of the firm, recognize and remain sensitive to the fact that the clients we represent are experiencing a difficult and emotional time in their lives. It is the mission of this firm to be strong, aggressive advocates for the people we represent with the goal of seeking a fair and expeditious resolution and avoiding protracted litigation. However, if the circumstances warrant litigation, then we employ all our knowledge, trial experience and resources to present our client’s case in its most favorable light.

Barrocas & Rieger, LLP recognizes that the success of a law firm depends not only on the experience of its founders but also a talented legal and support staff who share our philosophy and further the cause of our clients. Toward that end, we have been extremely discriminating in our search for talented lawyers and staff. At present, Barrocas & Rieger, LLP consists of Sol Barrocas, Kieth’ I. Rieger and our newest partner, Michael L. Fried, as well as our associate lawyers, Khadija A. Misuraca, Emily Shaw Record and Laura A. Mintz, all lawyers devoted to the practice of matrimonial and family law. Our firm is further enhanced by a team of experienced support staff including among them at least three (3) legal assistants who have been associated with either Sol Barrocas or Kieth Rieger in excess of twenty (20) years, a paralegal and a business manager whose duties include ensuring that bills rendered to clients are accurate and understandable.

The majority of our clients have come to us by word of mouth, the rest are referred by attorneys and other professionals, as well as the Bar Association. The other sections of this website detail our credentials, experience and provide Appellate Division cases in which we have been involved, all of which demonstrate the serious purpose and professionalism of this firm.